Winning Recess: Amid Increasing Activity and Energy Across Country, Immigrant-Rights Movement Announces National Day to Fight for Families

For Immediate Release: August 19, 2014

With August on Track for More than 30 Events Demanding Justice for Immigrant Families, Groups will Cap Off Recess Win With a National Day of Action, August 28

WASHINGTON – Today, Tuesday, August 19, the nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, the Fair Immigration Movement (FIRM), announced the National Day to Fight for Families (#FightForFamilies), which will cap off a congressional recess where immigrant families, along with the broader population, dwarf anti-immigrant turnout and demand an end to the family-separation crisis.

The National Day to Fight for Families will include events across the country – 15 and counting so far – that will put our coalition at more than 30 high-visibility events for the month of August. This activity pressing for administrative relief comes amid broader fights our groups are waging at the local level: Drivers’ licenses, electoral campaigns, and having a presence in Congressional town halls.

Our groups ramped up recess mobilization following the unprecedented, immoral scapegoating of immigrants in Congress – even though a Fox News poll says an overwhelming majority of Americans want Congress to do “something – anything!” on immigration reform. Our families will remain steadfast in our call on President Obama to take action, and for Democratic leaders to support us.

Following today’s telephonic press conference announcing the day of action, the participants released the following statements:

Kica Matos, Center for Community Change: “Following unprecedented lows in Congress, our families are resolute and moving forward. We are winning the recess, and making it clear to the President that our families will not stop until there is justice in our communities. We can’t live up to our values when we allow families to be separated and turn our backs on children fleeing violence. Washington’s response is a moral outrage. Democrats lack the courage to stand up against injustice.  Republicans are stooping to historic, appalling lows vilifying kids. And they leave President Obama no choice but to take action. Our families are under the urgent threat of separation. Throughout August and on the National Day to Fight for Families, we join the rest of the country with one common demand: President Obama must act for families.

Gustavo Andrade, CASA de Maryland: “When people ask us why we keep going, the answer is easy: Our base feels all the urgency in the world and has no patience left. We simply don’t want our families torn apart anymore. While we condemn the failure of Congress to stand with Latinos and immigrants, President Obama owns the policies that tear our families apart. On August 28, we will once again show our energy, outrage, and the need to act to stop family separation.”

Christina Chang, New York Immigration Coalition: “We can no longer live with a status quo that tears families apart and takes parents away from their children. Now, we turn to President Obama to act big and to act bold to provide administrative relief from deportation. Here in New York, the New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform campaign are holding a  Town Hall on August 26th in the run-up to the National Day to Fight for Families to show our community’s our power and our continued persistence for change.”

Monica Sibri, a student at the College of Staten Island and volunteer with the NYIC: “I came to this country a few months after I turned 16 years old to join my family and to get a better education. I did not qualify for deferred action because I did not meet the age requirement and so I continue to live in fear of deportation for myself and for my family. I am calling on President Obama to provide administrative relief for millions like me who just want to make a difference in this country. An enforcement-heavy approach to immigration is not a solution to the millions of undocumented people who work every day to make this country great.”

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