National Call-In Day - May 3- For Immigrant Justice

NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY ACTION! Co-Sponsored by Detention Watch Network Advocacy Committee, the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, the Immigrant Justice Network and the Rights Working Group 

URGE CONGRESS TO RESTORE DUE PROCESS AND A FAIR DAY IN COURT Senators are drafting the immigration bill they will introduce in 2 weeks. The House has already released a bill.  We don’t want a repeat of last year’s bills that contained extraordinarily reactionary deportation and detention provisions. We MUST tell both the House and the Senate that in any immigration reform they must restore due process to our immigration system, they must oppose attempts to expand mandatory detention and deportation laws, and must support proposals that create a more safe and humane detention system. 

Call your Senator and/or Congress member and ask him or her to:  1) OPPOSE attempts to expand mandatory detention and deportation grounds. Support proposals that allow immigration judges to weigh circumstances in ALL individual cases.   2) SUPPORT proposals for a safe and humane detention system. Support the Safe and Secure Detention Act and fund alternatives to detention. 3) OPPOSE the expansion of detention beds and the use of military bases as detention centers.  4) PROTECT due process in immigration proceedings and keep real judicial review. 

PLEASE CALL YOUR CONGRESS MEMBERS – MAY 3, 2007!                 

Call your U.S. Congressperson on May 3, 2007.

To find who your congressperson is, go to:

WHAT TO SAY:        

1. Who you are and why you care (I work with people or family members affected by detention.)  Use talking points from section above and cite real people you've worked with who would be harmed, if safe and appropriate. 2.If you have time, restore due process by e-mailing Congress a message specifically about restoring a waiver for legal permanent residents, go to: 

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