Nobody Shocked: One Person Shows up for Self-Deportation

The San Diego Tribune reported that not a single person showed up for the first day of "Operation Scheduled Departure". This comes as no surprise to critics of the program, many who see it as an almost comically misguided and ill-informed approach. Yesterday the operation's pilot program began - it will run through August 22nd. If successful, it could be implemented nationwide - as an aside, I don't really see that happening. Anyway, the cities involved in the pilot program are Santa Ana, Chicago, Phoenix and Charlotte, N.C.

As of Tuesday afternoon, only one person – in Phoenix – took the offer, according to an ICE official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because not all the numbers are in.

Angel Martinez, a construction worker in Charlotte, N.C., told the AP he did not think the program would work.

“You would have to be crazy – who would want to turn themselves in?” Martinez said. “Nobody wants to go back. We risked everything to get here for a reason.”