Mothers Arrested in Heartless Raids

Maryland Families Next Victims in Administration’s Ongoing Publicity Stunt

(Washington, DC) Today, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials continued their heartless strategy of raiding workplaces to arrest law abiding immigrant workers and tear their families apart.  The overwhelming female workforce was taken into custody in the Baltimore area, separating mothers from their children, including the mother of a 4-month old U.S. citizen baby.

This recent raid comes on the heels of a controversial raid in New Bedford, Massachusetts that stranded well over 100 children whose parents were arrested and detained while going about their work day.

Statement of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement:

"Today's raids are a part of the Bush Administration's heartless strategy to appear 'tough' on immigrants.   Immigration and Customs Enforcement has only managed to disrupt the lives of young children, mothers, fathers, and entire communities. We are at a moral crossroads as a nation. If it is legal to make orphans out of hundreds of young citizen children, then we clearly need to change the law and fix a badly broken immigration system.

"The Administration's raids policy has nothing to do with security, but rather is a morally twisted public relations stunt separating moms and dads from their children.

"With the full backing of the immigrant rights community, we demand the Democratic leadership in Congress to stop watching this humanitarian crisis from the sidelines.  Congress has a responsibility to exercise their complete oversight powers and hold the Administration accountable for their deplorable actions.

"The Bush Administration's anti-family raids must stop."

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement and our member organizations have planned a series of actions, demonstrations, faith assemblies, and bus tours during the Easter Congressional recess designed to expose the injustice of a policy that separates children from their parents and calling on Congress to act on a comprehensive reform bill that provides a pathway to citizenship.  More information can be found at .

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