(more) Raids in California!

As I posted yesterday, the presidential campaigns continue to ignore Immigration issues, while the Bush administration continues to push enforcement only tactics in Raids across the country.

Yesterday concluded a 3 week series of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement that arrested over 1,100 immigrants in San Francisco and San Diego. ICE continues its hold on unregulated power, while communities continue to suffer and live in fear.

For Basil Robledo, director of programs for the Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network in San Jose, the latest arrests are one more step on a disturbing path following last year’s failure by Congress to reform the nation’s immigration laws.

He said federal officials have instead turned to heavy-handed enforcement — a strategy that Robledo says has led to fear and broken families.

“It is a scary situation for folks in the community,” he said. “People keep their kids home from school. It creates less of a willingness to talk to police. They see ICE agents and they see a uniformed person, and that blends into all of law enforcement.”

Click here to call your Senator and vote YES for regulation of ICE Raids! It is time to put the humanity back into American policy.