Continuing to learn to talk about immigrants and the economy

Not far from where ICE officials raided the home of 12 year-old, US citizen Erica Leon with an outdated warrant for a man who hadn't lived there in over a year, local press is touting the positive economic impact of immigrants. Immigrants have been at the very heart of our rural and urban revival in America, and we continue to see the statistics and reports flow in. This is exactly the type of information that we need to share with congress and our broader communities in support of immigrant rights. This is also a great piece outlining the economic arguments for immigration. Though we all have experience trying to and can help us all continue to improve how we speak about this complicated issue in a down-to-earth and sstraight forward way. 

If you have a report on the impact of immigration in your area please share it with other advocates here so that we can continuie to grow our wealth of information in support of immigration!

Economic impact of immigrants to Long Island