Members of the Jewish Community Speak out about Agriprocessors

As most of you know, earlier this month there was an ICE raid in Postivlle, Iowa at the Agriprocessors Meat Packing Plant. The plant provided kosher meat products to the Jewish community. Now, members of that community are speaking out about the allegations of inhumane conditions at the Agriprocessors plant. Here are a few excerpts from the blog Hekhsher Tzedek, which is dedicated to news surrounding "keeping kosher in the 21st century":

In light of continuing disturbing allegations of unacceptable worker conditions at the Agriprocessors Plant in Postville, Iowa, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Rabbinical Assembly are united in calling for a thorough evaluation by kosher consumers of the appropriateness of purchasing and consuming meat products produced by the Rubashkin's [associated with Agriprocessors] label.

As Kashrut [Jewish dietary law] seeks to diminish animal suffering and offer a humane method of slaughter, it is bitterly ironic that a plant producing kosher meat be guilty of inflicting human suffering.

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