Mayor Newsom of SF - Standing FIRM for local rights

Mayor Newsom of San Francisco is leading the way in  defending the rights of local communities to protect their public safety by prohibiting local city support of federal ICE raids. Cities like San Francisco, Chicago, St. Paul and numerous others have worked hard to maintain the separation of ICE and local law enforcement in order to improve the safety of our communities by ensuring that victims feel comfortable approaching police, that communities build trusting relationships with local law enforcement and that local police departments are the allies, not enemies of immigrant communities.

While anti-immigrant groups and ICE officials attempt to destroy the trusting bonds that police have worked to build in immigrant communities- Mayor Newsom is coming forward publicly to protect our communities.

We welcome more mayors to do the same. Where does your mayor stand on immigration? Do you have a local political leader who deserves support for her or his support of immigrants?- Tell us about them here!

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