May Day Events Across Nation Highlight Growing Movement for Immigration Rights

“May Day” is celebrated worldwide to show support and solidarity for workers’ rights, and in the United States May Day has become a traditional day to show solidarity among workers and immigrant rights. Members of the Fair Immigration Reform movement, a network of community-based immigrant advocacy organizations in 30 states, are celebrating May Day nationwide with events calling on the Supreme Court to remember the human consequences of Arizona’s immigration law, calling on an end to deportations and the separation of families, and for just and humane immigration reform. Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments on SB 1070, Arizona’s vehemently anti-immigrant law. Legal experts opined that the justices seemed to agree with portions of the law, and if upheld, would put setback any gains made in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

“If the Supreme Court sides with SB 1070, the decision will rip our country apart and show that the justices were blind to the human consequences of this racist legislation,” said Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director of the Center for Community Change. “May Day events will show that immigrants and immigrants’ rights groups will not stop fighting to achieve fair comprehensive immigration reform

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