Make streets safer: Give Immigrants Licenses

Great blog posts from DMI Blog from Eric Schneiderman, a New York State Legislator on the safety that driver's licenses bring to a community. To get up to speed, Governor Spitzer passed new regulations for driver's licenses that would open up the opportunity for some migrants to obtain drivers licenses. This was a huge win for public safety throughout the state.

A small minority of anti-immigrants have been paying phone banks to deluge Spitzer's office with anti-immigrant calls against the bill. That isn't "grassroots" that's manipulation, not by the people, but from the shadows.

Take Action!

Whether you are a New York resident or not, please join us. We need to drown out the voices of hate-mongers in New York and other parts of the country and defend this important policy as a national example.

Please call Governor Spitzer (tel. 518-474-8390) and to tell him, "I am calling to thank you for your leadership in improving the drivers'

licensing system to protect public safety for all New Yorkers and setting a national example."

Issue a statement in support of New York State's new policy. Please send us a copy at the New York Immigration Coalition, <mailto:mbhatt@thenyic.or