Locked away- Human Rights and Immigration Detention

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“Locked Away”:Human Rights and Immigration Detention June 27 – June 28, 2007

Children and Family Justice Center -- Northwestern University School of Law Chicago, IL

Co-sponsored by: Detention Watch Network; Midwest Coalition for Human Rights; National Immigrant Justice Center; Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights

Conference Summary

The ACLU Human Rights Program and the ACLU of Illinois are presenting a workshop for social justice advocates and organizations interested in developing human rights strategies to examine the detention of immigrants in the Midwest and beyond.  The workshop will use a human rights lens to tackle a range of issues from:

The background, oppressions and system failures resulting in the detention of migrants preventing, exposing, and remedying abuses through facilities monitoring promoting alternatives to detention identifying unique issues that face vulnerable groups in detention, such as women, children, the mentally ill, and asylum seekers