Live from the Hill: Dream Students Hit the Reps.

dream11.jpgimg_1305.jpg This week is the best chance we will have to see the Dream Act passed in 2007.

This morning we had a great press conference at the National Press Club, as a part of the National Day of Action for the DREAM Act. (Did anybody catch Durbin on the Senate floor yesterday? - Hey Senator Durbin: We're still waiting for you to drop that amendment for DREAM!)

DREAM students, joined by Bishop Wensky of Orlando Florida, Rep. Diaz-Balart, and others, spoke about the need for the DREAM Act to a packed pressroom! Mainstream and ethnic media interviewed students throughout the morning. The delegation, comprised of students from CHIRLA and Casa de Maryland, headed to the Hill to lobby numerous representatives and senators for the DREAM Act. Spending time with these students has been a pleasure and an honor. Their commitment and energy is contagious. Frankly, they rock. If spirit could get us workable, valuable legislation, we'd already have the DREAM act.

They'll be on the Hill all day. I'm keeping one eye on c-span waiting for the amendment- Let us know if you get wind of it being introduced!

Actions, YouthFIRM Admin