Live-Blogging the RI4A Summit - Round 3

Alright, a little late on this post, but i was starving and had to eat some dinner. Deepak Bhargava just introduced Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP. Its pouring rain and the noise on the event tent is trying its best to drown Jealous out, but he won't let it win. Now we are officially witnessing a torrential downpour. Seems like despite the rain, the energy is going to remain high.

This year the NAACP will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Jealous reiterates the African American communities committment to immigrant rights and the historic precedent that has been set by the organization in the fight for civil rights.

John Willhelm of Unite Here just spoke. And the power just went out. Instead of panic or frustration, there was another round of "si se puedes" - this time in the dark.

Despite the rain, the night has ended on a high note. Everyone is now heading to prepare for their visits to Capitol Hill tomorrow.

That's right, tomorrow the halls of Congress will be filled with advocates pressing for immigration reform. Like Gutierrez said earlier today, NOW is the time that we hold the administration and Congress accountable.

Stay tuned for the Town Hall meeting and a report-back on the visits to Congress.