Lies, Hate and Lack of True Journalism

From DMI Blog: A brief, but good post  by Cristina Jimenez about the lack of factual and sensible coverage of immigration in the mainstream media.

Last month I wrote about a Media Matters report that revealed that when it comes to immigration and undocumented immigrants, instead of news and/or facts, we are getting a bunch of lies and misinformation. Cable news anchors like CNN’s Lou Dobbs and Fox’s Bill O'Reilly use their “news shows” to promote a message of fear and anger, creating and encouraging hate and a strong sense of resentment against undocumented immigrants.

The result: (nothing positive of course) hate groups in the United Sates have increased by half since the year 2000 and the number of new anti-immigrant groups increased to 300.

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For those of you who think you have a good grasp on the issues, make sure you know where you are getting your information - Lou Dobbs doesn't count!

Below I have included a clip of Paul Waldman (from Media Matters) when he appeared on Lou Dobb's tonight.

For instance, when Media Matters fellow Paul Waldman was invited to Dobb’s CNN show to “discuss” the findings of the report, Dobbs refused to have a discussion and did not show both sides of the story. During the show, Dobbs kept promoting his lies, constantly interrupting and dismissing Waldman.

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