Let's get the facts straight folks (part 2 of hearing report back)

img_1041.jpg (the shirts we wear to each hearing...)

Republicans such as Rep. Gingrey (GA) are attempting to pit families against workers. Frankly, this just doesn't make any common sense. Rep. Gingrey in his testimony today suggested that family-based immigration pushes skilled workers to the back of the line in the wait for visas. 

We all need to get one fact straight and clear- family-based immigration in no way jeopardizes or influences skilled based migration. The quotas for family-based immigration and for skilled labor are separate. By continuing to support family-based immigration and improve the famliy visa system by ending backlogs we in no way hinder or slow the steady stream of skill based immigration. It is up to us in the field to get the message back to our members of congress and out into the streets that we won't let congress destroy our families, and we won't let them pit workers against famlies.

Let's get our facts straight and hold congress accountable for workable immigration reform. I'm looking forward to Friday's hearing on the impact of immigration on states and localities. We'll continue to bring you closer to the debates on the hill.