Let 60 Minutes know what you think of Lou Dobbs

We all have our own view of Lou Dobbs, and this weekend 60 minutes will be putting their own spin on his life. CBS is previewing the report on their website with a space to share comments- let them know what you think of Lou Dobbs HERE. “LOU DOBBS”For over 20 years, as the host of “Moneyline” on CNN, Lou Dobbs all but created television business reporting. He was seen as a booster of capitalism and of the corporate executives he covered. But today, as host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” that mild-mannered friend of CEOs has morphed into an anti-business champion of the middle class – and a Johnny-One-Note on the evils of illegal immigration. And the more he rails, the more his audience grows. CBS News’ Lesley Stahl talks to the controversial news anchor on this week’s edition of 60 MINUTES (Sunday, May 6, 7PM ET/PT on CBS).