Lawsuit: Home Raids are Unlawful

PRLDEF has joined migrant families and individuals to sue ICE for unlawful raids on their homes. We've written several posts before saying that the media only focuses on major factory raids, but there are much more terrifying raids happening in homes everyday. You're asleep. You're twelve. All of a sudden you hear a huge banging on your door. the next hing you knwo a gun and a flashlight are being pointed in your direction, your grandmother is screaming, your mother is being handcuffed and taken outside and you don't know where your brother and father are.

Is this a night raid in a war torn country? No. It's what's happening to migrant families in your own backyard. These raids often happen at 2am, with little press coverage. they cause waves of fear in the community.

This type of targeting, invasion of privacy, and gestapo scare tactics are unamerican. It's time Americans see the real actions of ICE in their own community.

RaidsFIRM Admin