Lake Monsters in China, a Love Letter

I love and hate yahoo news. I love yahoo, cuz yeah sometimeI want to spend a break from work, from my day, from thinking, to explore lake monsters in china (one of today's top four headlines). I hate yahoo because I know it's some people's only source of news. It lifts up the trivial (and I don't necessarily mean that in a negative sense) and increases the growing trend in American Media away from content based in the political reality of those who are suffering or marginalized in our own backyards or in countries we are hurting abroad. There is a feedback loop between culture and media- each reinforces the imagination, scope and actions of the other. I'm nothere to say it's yahoo's fault most americans know little to nothing about our broken immigration system, about the sky high rate of aids in DC, about drug wars in Mexico..... but I will say that it is a link in a cycle that is spiraling us downward.

A friend once told me, if I wanted average Americans to know about immigration issues- well, I should just take out an add in primetime TV (or perhaps on yahoo...). To which I subtly replied: If I could afford that, don't you think I would have already?

It's times like these that I think back to Ralph Nader, crusading in the 70s for an enlightened citizenry, a civil society that held citiznes and government accountable for the social contract that we all sign at birth. We need a renewed spirit of that today. It's too easy for me to be American and ignore the ramifications of MY government, and MY vote. The media that fills my tv, my radio, and my computer with comforting tales of lake monsters is a part of that problem that I am responsible for.

The bloggers writing about attorney generals, immigration problems, and exposing hypocrisy across are country are doing exactly that. I want to keep supporting folks doing amazing work- MigraMatters, ImmigrationOrange, Unapologetic Mexican, Latina Lista... I mean the list goes on, sorry I can't list all of you who deserve credit here. Without me even knowing it, this post has become a love letter, to all those bloggers, and writers and youtubers creating content that empowers citizens! Thank you! The world isn't as dim and frivolous as a look at the yahoo "news" page would lead me to believe.

Here's to writing truth each day!

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