La Placita Church - a place of history and faith

Last week the Immigrant Organizing Committee, the governing body of FIRM, gathered in a church basement in downtown LA to discuss immigration reform, our June 19th action and share our experiences from fighting for immigrant rights. It was a typical IOC meeting, but not a typical church basement. This basement had a whole community bustling right baove it. From a mission chapel, to beautiful church, service center, book store and courtyard where families could meet. We met in La Placita church, founded over 180 years ago- this church has been the anchor of the the burgeoning Los Angeles community from its inception. Generations of Angelinos and immigrants have turned to the church for refuge and assistance. When there were immigration raids at the turn of the century, workers would flee to the open gates of the church for safety.

Today, the La Placita continues it's leadership and service as a part of the new sanctuary movement. Is your mosque, temple or church a part of the new sanctuary moevment? We'd love to hear your stories!

 convening our Immigrant Organizing Committee in the basement of La Placita Church in downtown LA. Some of you may know this church, but I thought it was worth sharing the story.

The Church covers an entire compound at the service of the community. From a beautiful mission chapel, to a community services center, pastoral office, and courtyard for families to meet, the Church is the heart of a community.

La Placita is one of the

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