Kevin McCarthy Must Address Immigration Reform Now


For Immediate Release: Thursday, June 19, 2014Contact: Ricardo A. Ramírez, (202) 339-9371,

McCarthy Should Lead on Issue, not Take Orders from GOP Extremists 

(WASHINGTON)—Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s first official act as House Majority Leader should be to schedule a vote on comprehensive immigration reform now, said Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM).

“McCarthy must lead on this issue. He should exercise his leadership immediately by refusing to take orders from the extremists in the Republican Party who have been calling the shots on immigration reform,” Matos said. “McCarthy has the opportunity to set the tone for his leadership right now and scheduling a vote in the House on immigration reform is the right thing to do.”

“McCarthy cannot continue down the path of cowardice that Eric Cantor consistently showed on immigration reform,” Matos added. “McCarthy represents a district with a large number of Latino voters who want immigration reform passed now. McCarthy’s actions on this issue will certainly determine the length of his time in Congress. His constituents will remember if he steps up and shows he is a leader on this issue, or if he decides to be a follower and allow the anti-immigration reform wing of his party to take control.”