Kerry Denounces Raids after Children's Hearing Thursday.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  March 17, 2007CONTACT: Amy Brundage/Vincent Morris (KERRY) 202-224-4159                    Kerry Denounces Immigration Raid Tactics and Their Impact on Families


WASHINGTON –  Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) made the following statement for “A Children’s Hearing – The Social Impact of Raids on Families and Communities”:


“The fact that we need an event like this today just highlights the dire need to fix our broken immigration system.  Protecting our children and families must be our top priority.  The recent raids conducted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) across the country have exposed for all to see the horrific enforcement tactics and reprehensible treatment of families.   

“In my own state of Massachusetts a raid conducted in New Bedford resulted in my estimation, a humanitarian crisis.  Families were torn apart, children were left to fend for themselves and detainees were shipped to ICE detention facilities in Texas before they could be given legal or social services.  This is unacceptable.  I commend Senator Kennedy for working night and day in a bi-partisan fashion to try and bring fair and reasonable comprehensive immigration reform to the Senate.  I have every hope that it will come to the floor and we can have an open and honest debate about where our country’s priorities lie and what we are going to do about this problem. 


“I plan to offer my own amendment to try and regulate ICE procedures used in raids to protect our most vulnerable citizens and families so hopefully the crisis in New Bedford never happens again.  Thank you to everyone participating today and I hope that we can all work together to achieve fair and humane immigration enforcement.” 

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