JOIN the Detention Watch Network Week of Action -- what are YOU doing?

The main goal of this site is to lift up the actions of immigrant rights advocates across the country. There are so many communities who are taking creative and daring actions to demand justice and dignity for immigrants and indeed all Americans and our stories so often go untold. This is a space for us to connect, to celebrate and to continue to push eachother to continue the fight! That being said, I wanted to share the following announcement on Detention Watch Network's week of action- Frankly Detention Watch Network has been doing AMAZING work on immigrant rights from their conference a few weeks ago, to their know your rights materials and coordinating efforts- if you aren't plugged in to DWN yet- you should be.


WHEN? Tuesday May 28th - Friday June 1st

WHERE? In your local community

WHY? Congressional representatives will be back in their home districts during recess. This is the perfect time to schedule visits with your Senators and Congress people, engage local reporters and plan other actions/events to let people know about your concerns about the detention and deportation provisions being considered in the immigration debate.

WHAT? DWN members have created a range of activities in which to participate. We will also be coordinating events with members of the Rights Working Group. Feel free to do any or all of them but we encourage you to take action!


DWN will organize a national call-in day during the Week of Action. Get ready and involve your community by signing up for the DWN Action Alert Team now. As part of the team, you commit to responding to action alerts and forwarding them to your local network as well. Creating a member "email tree" will help us amplify our voices and bring new people into the discussion. To sign up, contact Angela at


Organize visits to your local Congress people during the Week of Action. Since it starts on May 28th, now is the time to arrange an appointmentTo make a stronger impact, invite other community groups and affected family members to join you in your meeting.


DWN has materials on our website for you to give to your Congress person that are based on the current legislative issues.  There are also materials for you to review before your meeting.  Please let us know if you are planning to make any visits and also complete the follow-up sheet (available on the website) and send it back to the DWN office to let us know what issues were discussed and if any follow-up is needed.


For those of you who are meeting with your legislator for the first time, DWN will have a tele-training to guide you in the process and answer any questions you may have. The date for the training is Thursday, May 24th at 4pm.


This is a critical time for us to make our issues known in Congress. Your meetings will help us to do so.


Please contact Shaina Aber if you have questions about making the appointment or any part of the process, ) 301-775-5744; (o) 202-462-0400.



Date: Thursday May 31, 2007

Goals: Bring attention to detention and deportation issues of concern in the legislation, amplify our voices with coordinated events around the country, and build relationships with reporters in our communities.


  • 1st press advisory out on Thursday 5/24
  • 2nd press advisory plus press calls on Tuesday 5/29
  • Press event on Thursday 5/31

DWN members are creating a range of materials for people to use in their events, including: press advisory, press release, talking points, step-by-step event preparation to make it easy to get involved.

Contact Andrea at if you would like to organize a press conference or collaborate with groups in your area who are planning events.

For members who want to engage the media but are not able to do a press event, we encourage you to send out a press release about the coordinated event to your local media on the 29th and list yourself/organization as the local press contact to encourage reporters to call you for more information. This way you can connect to the event and show that there are groups around the country speaking out on these issues. We will also have sample op-ed and letters to the editor available to send out during the Week of Action. Contact Andrea at if you would like more info.


Do you have any events planned for that week that you can join with the Week of Action? Let us know about any community presentations, actions, trainings, organizing meetings, etc. For example, groups in Georgia are organizing the kick-off of their new detention organizing committee during the Week of Action. Please let us know what you have planned so we can share it with the network and our allies around the country.

Thank you for your energy and commitment.