Is The Houston Chron censoring comics?

Without any official reason given, The Houston Chronicle removed Lalo Alcaraz's La Cucaracha comic strip from their printed version, but NOT from their online version... Why is that? And why is no official reason being given. The LA Times has apparently already tried to remove this strip, but the strip was reinstated within 36 hours after public outcry. If you like this comic, or if you think papers shouldn't be pulling content without a clear and transparent reason- check out the action alert and post at Dos Centavos

HELP La Cucaracha get reinstated in HOUSTON CHRONICLE  

To all my MySpace Friends and la cucaracha fans everywhere but esp. in HOUSTON, Tejas: (You can take action by emailing the Houston Chron below, but read on).  

The Houston Chronicle has dropped the ONLY COMIC STRIP IN THE UNITED STATES that regularly supports Latino immigrant rights and explores Chicano/Latino/Mexicano political and social issues- "la cucaracha," by me, Lalo Alcaraz, and has replaced it with a PENGUIN-themed comic strip by a New Zealand cartoonist!  

You can help me get "la cucaracha" back in to the paper. It can happen, as in March I was dropped WITHOUT NOTICE by the LA Times and reader response was so OVERWHELMING they brought La Cucaracha back in 36 hours!  


Lalo Alcaraz

creator of "La Cucaracha"

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