Is Immigration the Problem?

I love a good editorial that deconstructs and refutes anti-immigrant arguments in a well balanced discussion any day of the week. I particularly love one that frames our current issues within the wide lens of history. I recently saw an article on People's Weekly World that takes apart the flawed and misguided arguments of Numbers USA, on of the numerous anti-immgirant groups springing up in the last few years... Read the article HERE The author's bottomline is that anti-immigrants have tried for centuries to rip our communities apart, but  "Today, immigrants and U.S.-born workers — Black, white and Latino — are joining together in a host of struggles. If we reject anti-immigration diversions, we can take a lesson from the 1930s, and “unite and fight” for the people’s needs."

FIRM is continuing the work of building interethnic alliances that run deep and can build our common strength along a whole host of social justice issues- check out our multiethnic alliance building toolkit HERE