Is hate a disease?

An interesting (and anti-migrant) comment was left on my post about Raids on McDonald's- usually I breeze past rabid anti-migrant hate speech on this blog and delete it --[ It should be noted that we only delete comments that contain personal attacks or hate speech, we respect those individuals who post differing viewpoints, even if they may contradict our own line of thought... as long as they are respectful of everyone on this site] --but today I felt like it was time to respond. As I was typing, I was reminded of many of the messages we have received on this site: GO HOME YOU F******************** MEXICAN and the like.

When I see behavior like this I am then reminded of the numerous articles in the paper each day about how the particular structures of our brains and our hormone-related systems so deeply effect our mood, behavior and actions. Often these differences in brain and hormones can lead to neuroses of different levels. Everything is on a continuum, an excited person who is always cheery, may just be a lower gradient of a clinically manic person who is deemed to have a "disorder".

Now I'm not trying to debate the political intricacies of mental "disorders", here I am focusing on the dynamic of expressions of extreme hate and anger towards complete strangers. What makes these people so ANGRY, so HATE FILLED- against a seeming scapegoat. I mean, if I'm mad about crime and education, I'd blame the schools and the government, before I blamed some family that came here to pick strawberries. There's this odd logic behind it all that just seems.... off.

Often, our culture and media normalize OFF behavior. When the media cites anti-migrant hate groups as "experts" on immigration or when we paint anti-migrant hate groups as "grassroots groups" representing communities across the country of good, normal Americans. Since whne is hate normal OR good? It's sick.

Dislike is very different from hate. It's cool if you want to dislike somebody or something, or you are angry about something in your neighborhood or area. But that anger needs to be directed at the appropriate target, I think. And sure, we all HATE things sometimes in some spaces, but usually we cool off or we rationalize our behavior. We don't go around yelling explatives at people we don't know and the like.... That is SYSTEMIC hate, that is prolonged outrageous behavior, and I think it's time our society stop giving these people lip service.

It's dangerous to accept systemic HATE as a legitimate part of the migration debate. Let's embrace differing viewpoints, differing value systems with respect for one another. Let's communicate with honesty and sincerity, and nonviolence. That's what I think every side of the debate should be pushing for, if we reallllly want to see America grow and prosper.

Hmmm, Just putting some thoughts out there this morning-What do you think?

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