Ireland rallies for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

ireland.jpg Comprehensive Immigration Reform isn't all about US.

Immigration reform isn't just important to the citizens of the US (shout out to Immigration Orange)- families, communities and industries around the world are watching the US to see how reforms in Congress will affect their lives. Will Filipino families still need to wait 20 years to be reunited? Will a family in Guatemala get to see their child thrive in the US? Will our loved ones around the globe be safe?

A rally of nearly 1500 people in Dublin, Ireland brought that message  straight to the heart- "We must show the undocumented Irish of the US that Ireland has not turned its back on them."

One story of the thousands: "Sharon works in a bar in Manhattan and hasn't been home once since she left for America three years ago and her mum is just too ill to visit. She lives with her Irish boyfriend David Loughnane and David's sister Jillian brought Sally to the meeting from her home in Co Laois.

Sally finds life hard without her only daughter. "She is dying to come home and see me but I don't want her to come back if it means she won't be able to get back into America. "She means everything to us. I am not medically fit enough to travel and am in and out of hospital. My husband can't go either because he minds me."

The rally was co-organized by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform - I'm very interested in learning about other international responses to US reforms- let us know if you have any stories to share...