Iowa Raids Coverage Round-up

Here are three articles covering the unfolding situation in Postville, Iowa after last week's ICE raid of the Agriprocessor's meatpacking plant.

  • In Postville, the community struggles to cope with the aftermath of the largest raid in national history. While some families are still not able to communicate with detainees, local religious leaders have stepped up to provide support to families impacted by the raid. Local government officials are also "taking a proactive role in using all available resources" to help those in need. Read the full article - includes information for supporting the cause.
  • Immigrant advocates met with the Iowa Civil Rights Commision in order to demand more accessible communcation between detainees and their family members and loved ones. Many of the detainees' family members have been unable to contact them since the raid. This lack of communication causes serious problems in planning for deportation and also increases families' anxieties about the process. Although ICE has taken steps to help families communicate, local advocates are saying their efforts are not enough. Read full article here.
  • 140 people have plead guilty on various charges in the legal proceedings following the raid in Postville. Plea bargains are being offered for reduced (or no) jail time. Meanwhile, more reports are surfacing of physical and sexual abuse allegations against Agriprocessors. Read full article here.