Increase in the Number of Naturalizations in 2008

Thanks to all of the pressure put on U.S. Citizensship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the deprtment has increased the number of naturalizations this fiscal year. From the USCIS website:

During FY08, USCIS completed an unprecedented 1,171,140 naturalization applications, an increase of more than 422,000 processed applications a year earlier.   Production for FY08 increased by 56 percent over FY2007, and surpassed original naturalization projections by 233,140 applications.

Advocates have been pushing for USCIS to end the naturalization backlogs that have put immigrants into infinitely long lines and have made legal immigration next to impossible for some people.  It looks like USCIS is finally making some - thanks in no small part to the advocacy of immigration rights groups like FIRM and our partners.

Keep up the good work.