Immigration News Round-up: 18 cities say "Basta" to Dobbs

[youtube =] This morning, I don't have enough time to write in depth on each of the immigration news items of the day, so I thought I could do a news roundup for you guys.

  • First up,tonight CNN will premiere its "Latino in America" series. To protest the continued hypocrisy of the network courting the Latino population while continuing to broadcast the hate of Lou Dobbs, the Basta Dobbs campaign is holding 18 events across the country to "call on CNN to cut ties with Lou Dobbs". Check out the full list of events here.
  • Yesterday the Senate voted to end the "widow penalty". This outdated law stripped immigrants of the right to apply for permanent residency if their spouse died before the marriage was two years old.  Read the NY Times article here.
  • Yet another law enforcement agency is speaking out about the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Today, police chiefs in California, Texas and Iowas will be holding a press conference calling for reform.

Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel; Dr. Theron Bowman, Chief of Police in Arlington, Texas; and Sheriff Bill McCarthy of Polk County, Iowa will discuss the damage to public trust and community safety that result from the broken immigration system.

These leaders will call for an overhaul of the immigration system that strengthens border security, restores the rule of law and legalizes undocumented workers in order to build relationships of trust between all resident and the police and enhance public safety.

Read the press release here.

  • In New York, Representative Yvette Clark and 100 religious and faith leaders will be holding a press conference at 1PM, calling on the President to take up the cause of immigration reform.

“I think if the President applies himself to immigration the same way he applies himself to health care, we can pass immigration reform,” Clarke told us.

“As a son of an African immigrant, who better to better to understand the need?” Clarke said. “If his father didn’t come here to be a student, we wouldn’t have Barack Obama.”

She will also issue a reminder that immigration is not just about Latinos, but includes immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. Clarke herself is a second generation immigration from Jamaica and wants to ensure that others like her are included in the fight for reform. Read the full NY Daily news articles here.

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