Immigration: It's Time


Today an editorial ran in the New York Times with this title and all I have to say is: Amen! This week, over 20,000 people called the White House to say just that: The time is NOW to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Although President Obama recommitted himself to the issue this morning, during a prayer breakfast with Hispanic faith leaders, we are here to make sure he keeps that promise. No more delays, no more words, the time for action is now.

From the NY Times:

This profusion of promises has not led to any results. Inaction and the passing of time have only increased the frustration of those who have been counting on Mr. Obama to deliver something on immigration reform — a plan, a timetable, the outlines of a bill.

Mr. Obama needs to break the stalemate on immigration. And he needs to do it soon.

Tens of thousands of people agree and have made their voices heard in the White House this week. NOW is the time - lets bring change to our broken immigration system.