Immigration and the Race for 2008

051104_billrichardson_hsmall_widec.jpg I recently saw a post by Sarah Wheaton at The Caucus- the political blog from the NY Times writing about Bill Richardson's change of heart on the immigration reform bill.

Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico and candidate for the presidency- the first presidential candidate to come out staunchly against the immigration reform bill currently being debated in the Senate. Mr. Richardson initially supported the bill but after having staff review the bill - he now opposes it. He believes that the bill would tear families apart, and the lack of a path to citizenship for immigrant workers would create an under class of residents. We wait to see if other candidates take a stance on the legislation...

Read more about race and immigration in the 2008 elections at The Caucus HERE

What do you think about Bill Richardson's candidacy? Could he be the voice of immigrant rights we are looking for or a lost cause for the immigrant rights movement?

ElectionsFIRM Admin