Immigrants Stand with Trayvon Martin

Nothing is worse than injustice being silenced and ignored. As we stand together to lift up a fair and equal Florida for all, it behooves all of us to learn from and share the story of Trayvon Martin. For those who may not have seen the announcements on the news or radio, last week 17-year-old Trayvon was shot in the chest and killed by a man named George Zimmerman, who claims that he was acting in self-defense to the "threatening" appearance of the black young boy dressed in a sweatshirt hoodie. The boy only carried an iced tea and some skittles in his possession. To this day, Zimmerman hasn't been arrested and no files have been charged against him. We all share our grief with Trayvon's family who are calling for justice. You can sign the petition started by his parents by clicking here.

Since this incident, young people and communities of color nationwide have risen in outrage to the injustice of this type of racial profiling that is so dominant in our society. Together, we are seeking justice for the life of this child and for justice in our country against this culture of violence that continues with impunity. The authorities, as of yet, have still not determined whether or not George Zimmerman will be prosecuted for the murder charges. Every day, new information revealed in the media clearly exposes it was an unprovoked homicide.

Beyond that, Trayvon's death exposes how racism and violence are so institutionalized in our society, that laws like "Stand Your Ground" are helping George Zimmerman cover up the facts of his crime. Last week it was Trayvon, next week it can be any one of us if we don't seek justice and real change.

We urge all FLIC members and friends to follow and support the local events for racial justice that this young man's passing is inspiring.

SANFORD, FL Saturday March 31st : 8am-2pm at Crooms Academy 2200 W 13 Street Sanford, FL advocates and community members will be gathering to articulate the larger systemic malady connected to this murder. The mobilization calls for government accountability in the continuous violence based on appearance that is experienced by African Americans, Muslims, Latinos, women and other minorities. To reserve a seat on the bus from Miami: RSVP to Miami-Dade NAACP for $35 roundtrip by calling: 305-685-8694. MIAMI, FL Thursday March 29th : Belafonte Talcocy Center: 6161 NW 9th Ave, Miami, FL 33127-1013 6PM-8PM: Join the Miami Worker's Center for a dialogue "Circle of Consciousness" on the case of Trayvon Martin, the impact of his murder on our communities, and what is the appropriate response for those of us seeking justice. RSVP to - 305.759.8717 ext 1019. Sunday April 1st : Bayfront Park Amphiteather at 4:00 PM (gates open at 1:00 PM) Downtown Miami 301 N. Biscayne Blvd. Join the parents of Trayvon Martin: Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton. Wednesday April 4th: Miami Dade College North Campus: 11380 NW 27th Ave Bldg 4 Bookstore, Miami, FL 33167-3495 11AM-2PM Students organize Teach-In for social and racial justice. NATIONWIDE Friday March 30th at 8PM LIVE from CNN studios in New York, Soledad O'Brien is hosting a town hall meeting called "Beyond Trayvon: Race and Justice in America."

These are only a few of the community dialogues and actions that have been raised in response to Trayvon's story. We encourage you to join any of these or to begin a dialogue of your own on racial justice in your community and how we can all keep our legislators accoutable for the changes that Florida needs. If there are other related forums in your local community we may not be aware of, share them on our Facebook page.