Immigrant Rights Group Applaud Justice Department for Suing Arpaio

The Justice Department has rightfully decided to sue Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for violating the civil rights of the people he was sworn to protect and serve. The Fair Immigration Reform Movement, a network of community-based immigrant advocacy organizations in 30 states, said other lawmakers, including the Supreme Court, must take heed that violating the civil rights of all people will not be tolerated.

“Arpaio has racially discriminated, racially profiled and openly violated the civil rights of immigrants for years and it is time he pays for these egregious misdeeds,” said Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director of the Center for Community Change, a FIRM member. “The fact that Arpaio’s state enacted a vehemently anti-immigrant ‘show me your papers’ law shows that the Supreme Court must strike down the law before other law enforcement officials and politicians like Arpaio continue his practices.”

“Arpaio has shown a total willingness to use his power for all the wrong reasons: to punish hardworking people who come to this country to make better lives for themselves and their families,” said Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona, also a FIRM member. “I hope the Supreme Court follows the Justice Department’s lead and strikes down Arizona’s anti-immigration law.”