Immigrant-Rights Coalition Lays Out Its Own Principles for Reform that Stops Family Separation


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Family Unification and Citizenship at Heart of Sensible Immigration Reform Coalition Releases its Own Principles in Advance of Expected GOP Principles

WASHINGTON – In advance of Republicans’ release of principles on immigration reform, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), the nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, held a media conference call today in which they laid out principles for immigration reform that uphold the immigrant-rights movement’s values. The participants called on Republicans to listen to our families and the rest of the country, stop separating our families, and move forward on common-sense immigration reform.

Following the call, the participants released the following statements:

Kica Matos, Fair Immigration Reform Movement

“For far too long, the Republican Party has borne the shame of supporting policies that break apart thousands of American immigrant families every year, wreak havoc in communities, tear parents from children, and inflict pain and financial catastrophes – even while the country has time and again rejected their approach at the ballot box. The approach has created a moral urgency to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The burden is on Republicans to show real progress toward a sensible immigration reform that stops separating families, with a strong and clear path to citizenship.”

Gustavo Torres, Director, CASA in Action

“Let’s not forget that Republicans are huddling because they are against the wall, politically. Even if Republicans choose to ignore the moral crisis their policies have created, they cannot ignore the political crisis we’ve created for them. They are against the wall, and they know that before they can even think of political survival, they must address immigration reform. There’s no other way about it. Our families finished the year as energized as ever, and you can count on us to turn that into political pain for Republicans, should they fail to align with the rest of the country and pass immigration reform. As Republicans huddle try to salvage their party from complete irrelevance, they would be smart to heed the principles outlined by our coalition.”

Josh Hoyt, Director, National Partnership for New Americans

“A democracy does not work with just a few chosen full participants, and entire groups of people excluded. Our whole history as a nation is the struggle of one group after another to be added into our democracy: White men without property; African Americans out of slavery and then again out of Jim Crow; women winning the right to vote. The Republican Party slaps our history in the face if they try to advance something less than a path to citizenship. Our principles make for a sensible approach that respects America’s great tradition.”

Principles are attached.


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