Immigrant Families to Highlight End of ‘Old GOP Era’ With Action on Sen. Ted Cruz

Immigrant families, including families from Texas, will highlight the end of the ‘old GOP era’ during an action today on Sen. Ted Cruz at his DC office today, Wednesday, May 22, at 12:30. The resounding defeat of Cruz’s amendments to the immigration bill and other GOP-sponsored anti-immigrant amendments show that the glory days for these lawmakers is over. The families will continue to speak of the importance of including a right to reunite in the bill as they tell their stories of the emotional and financial hardship caused by the current broken immigration system.

This action is part of an effort to increase immigrant presence in Congress as the immigration bill debate continues.  Families from across the country have engaged in a range of actions including vigils, lobby visits, and protests such as today’s to call on Congress for a real, clear and direct path to citizenship, not an endless, unworkable obstacle course.  In many ways, Senator Cruz’s actions during committee debate, largely defeated, represent the worst attacks on immigrant families the process has seen to date.


What: Immigrant Family Reunion Where: Senator Ted Cruz office, B40B Dirksen Building, U.S. Senate When: Wednesday, May 21st 2013 12:30 PM Who: Immigrant Families, CASA in Action, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, and Border Network for Human Rights