Immigrant Families Need Solutions Now

Immigrant Families Need Solutions Now

Congress Must Act to Limit Raids

 After immigration agents raided multiple food processing plants in Morton, Mississippi and detained 680 people, FIRM issued the following statement:

 “Our hearts are with the families in Morton, Mississippi who are feeling the heart wrenching pain of having their loved ones taken by this administration’s deportation machine. Immigrant communities are still reeling from the deadly attack in El Paso. Today, the Trump administration fueled the fear and anxiety we live with daily with a massive worksite raid that resulted in the detention of 680 people. It’s cruel and fails to live up to the America we believe in; one where our policies are rooted in dignity and respect.

 Congress must act and stop funding the administration’s terrorizing deportation machine. More money for DHS means more raids, more callous policies and more pain for immigrant and refugee families.

 We are fighting for an America where we are all united and free, no matter where we come from. Immigrant families need to be safe and have access to a roadmap to citizenship that is fair and equitable. That’s what we are fighting for and we urge our legislators to fight with us.”



FIRM Admin