Immigrant Families Deliver 5,000 Pink Slips Calling on Heritage Foundation President to Resign


For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 15, 2013Contact: For English language Media: Donna De La Cruz,, 202-339-9331, 202-441-3798 (cell) For Spanish language Media: Ricardo Ramírez,,  202-339-9371, (202) 905-1738 (cell)

Families Say Heritage Study Will Not Stop Immigration Reform

(WASHINGTON)—Immigrant families delivered 5,000 pink slips today to the Heritage Foundation calling on its president, Jim DeMint, to resign after embracing racist, anti-immigrant leaders while making the case against immigration – all while unveiling a faulty anti-immigration study that has been widely denounced, even among experts within the conservative community.

The Center for Community Change is calling for the resignation of DeMint. DeMint is someone who has a history of recklessly opposing immigration reform at all cost – even if it means buttressing his arguments on faulty research from racist thinkers. Heritage has also been an outspoken opponent of any type of legislation that would provide a path to citizenship to the 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country.  Families who are part of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), of which the Center is a member, took part in today’s action.

“Under DeMint’s watch, the Foundation has released a widely criticized ‘economic study’ about the cost of immigration reform that was disturbingly anti-immigrant and openly hostile to immigrant families,” said Kica Matos, the Center for Community Change’s Director of Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice. “The Center for Community Change has issued an online petition calling for DeMint’s resignation that has garnered approximately 6,600 signatures in less than a week.  By promoting theories of racial inferiority, Jim DeMint has earned his pink slip.”

Erendira Rendon of Chicago, one of the FIRM group members who is in Washington this week to attend the Senate Judiciary Committee’s markup sessions, said the Heritage report and DeMint’s endorsement of it show that conservatives are willing to go to any lengths to stop immigration reform.

“In the report against immigration reform, the Foundation uses faulty numbers, and it also relied on research from white supremacists,” Rendon said. “This was an appalling failure of leadership. And it is disappointing to see the Heritage Foundation take up offensive and racist rhetoric rather than take the path other Republicans are forging toward achieving immigration reform.”