I'm Shocked. Karl Rove and I Agree on Something.

So remember last week when I posted that anti-immigrant rhetoric was political suicide? You will never believe who just came out and said the same thing - Karl Rove. From his recent piece in Newsweek about what the GOP must do to come back in 2010 comes this:

Republicans must find a way to support secure borders, a guest-worker program and comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens citizenship, grows our economy and keeps America a welcoming nation. An anti-Hispanic attitude is suicidal.

If only they had listened sooner. We have been warning nativists that their hate speech and dehumanization of immigrants will NOT win them elections. It looks like people are finally starting to pay attention. And while I'm not on board with Rove's ideas about a guest-worker program and I am OFFICIALLY sick of hearing the phrase secure our borders, I am thrilled to see that he supports the idea of Comprehensive Reform.