ICIRR Condemns Holy Week Raid in Beardstown, Illinois: Families and Communities Torn Apart, Traumitized

In light of the continuing raids on our communities, I think the questions on many of our minds is how long must we continue to endure reigns of terror in our communities? And what is the Bush administration's end game for these raids operations? Would their appetite for destruction be met once every family working hard to increase the productivity and prosperity of our country has been torn apart?

Would their need to "cleanse" our country be satiated once every refugee, asylee, immigrant, and legal permanent resident lives in fear of what our government will do to them next?

Midnight raids in our neighborhoods, our backyards, our homes is clearly NOT the way to fix our immigration system- how long can we continue to allow the Bush administration to trample on our families and lead our country down the monstrous road of unchecked raids and deportations without effective immigration reform?

From the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights:

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights condemns the raid conducted by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Beardstown, Illinois Wednesday morning. While people of faith are gathering to celebrate with family in the days leading up to Easter, the families, and especially children, of Beardstown are being traumatized and terrified by the actions of ICE.

At around 2 in the morning, ICE agents stormed the Cargill slaughterhouse, arresting 62 immigrant community members. These immigrants were employees of a contractor hired to clean the slaughterhouse. The timing of this raid is morally reprehensible and should be condemned, coming during one of the holiest times of the Christian calendar: Holy Week....  Read the rest HERE