Immigration Activists to ICE Director: Trust Starts with Accountability

ICE Director John Morton today told AIR Michigan and other immigrant activists that his agency will conduct a full review of recent incidents in Detroit involving ICE agents and the agency’s policies, and deliver results of that assessment within 30 days.

In a press release, the director of AIR Michigan, Ryan Bates said they will continue pressing for accountability:

 “The community thanks Director Morton for taking the time to meet with us on these critical issues. We maintain our demand for accountability for those responsible for the pervasive pattern of abuse exhibited by the Detroit Field Office. We look forward to the result of the review. Director Morton said he wants to build trust. Trust starts with accountability.”

The meeting with Morton was arranged after ICE agents in Detroit followed parents to school and stayed outside while the parents hunkered down inside the school afraid to come out. It’s against ICE’s internal policies to target people at schools. ICE responded to activists by admitting this policy had been violated, but a week later, ICE agents were back at another elementary school stalking parents. ICE agents in Detroit have also conducted searches at homes without consent or search warrants.

Rep. John Conyers of Detroit today called for an independent investigation and “real consequences” for any acts of misconduct.

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