ICE Raids Terrorize CO community

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Press Contacts: Flora Archuleta 719-466-1383; Julien Ross 720-290-1125

ICE Raids Terrorize San Luis Valley Families

Prayer Vigils in Alamosa and Denver Tonight to Support Affected Families

Alamosa & Denver, CO — In what appears to be a repeat of the humanitarian crisis in New Bedford, Massachusetts earlier this month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has raided another factory, this morning in Center, Colorado.  I mmigrant rights advocates will bring communities together tonight in Alamosa and Denver, CO, to support those affected.  Although no numbers have been released, those detained are being transported to Canyon City, Colorado , over two hours away from their families.  

"These ICE Raids have to stop. Children are being terrorized and families ripped apart by these humanitarian offenses," says Flora Archuleta, Executive Director of the San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center.  "We need real solutions that will serve our communities, economy and families." 

Harold Lasso, Policy Director at The Humanitarian Center for Workers concurs. "This far reaching raid and others like it have disrupted lives and caused panic amongst communities. We are at a crossroads as a nation in deciding what kind of country we want to be and how we value family unity, community, and human rights." 

"These actions do not resolve the root causes of migration to the United States, but further polarize how immigrants are perceived and treated.  This is a disturbing indictment of our nation's priorities as many immigrant families await federal legislation that might potentially allow them to adjust their immigration status in the United States," states Julien Ross, Coordinator for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. "Furthermore, the current raids undermine community cohesion, family unity and imbue fear and uncertainty in the nation's immigrant communities."

In Alamosa, a public forum on the raids will be held at Valley Wide Health Services, 128 Market Street,  at 4:30 pm, followed by a candlelight vigil at 6:30 pm. In Denver, a candle light vigil will be held at 8:15 pm at 1212 Mariposa. The public is welcome to both events and encouraged to bring candles and well wishes for those affected.

For more information or questions please call Flora Achuleta at (719) 466-1383 or Julien Ross (720) 290-1125.