ICE Raids my Hometown

Holy. Crap. Sorry, I can think of no other way to begin this post.

You know, I have been blogging about ICE raids for a few months now - following the stories, cursing our administration's enforcement only tactics, feeling my heart hurt for the families and communities destroyed. But, this afternoon, I got an email with the breaking news of another raid. I opened it, feeling nothing but "here we go again", and was shocked when I read my hometown's name in the first line of the story.

Asheville, North Carolina. A stronghold of progressive and compassionate thought in a state plagued by a history of racism and prejudice. Not there. No way.

But, alas, the roots of the nativist network run deep - and half a mile from the house I grew up in, ICE agents round up working people by the dozens. Around five dozen to be exact.

The 59 people are employees of Mills Manufacturing Corporation, a government contractor that makes parachutes for the U.S. military.

U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Ivan L. Ortiz-Delgado said that detentions are part of a targeted investigation.

Ortiz-Delgado said that Mills Manufacturing is not a target of the investigation and has been fully cooperative. The 59 workers who have been detained are out of a total company workforce of 175, Ortiz-Delgado said.

So if Mills Manufacturing isn't a target - why them, why now?

I will continue to repeat Congressman Luis Gutierrez in his eloquent piece from the Chicago Tribune earlier this month "Mr. President stop your raids on our communities".

And now, more than ever, I mean that last part. It changes everything when its your community.