ICE Raids Dulles Airport

Yesterday, ICE arrested 42 workers at Dulles Airport under the auspices of guarding our nation's airports.

"There's no indication that any of the aliens were involved in any terrorist activity at all," said Mark McGraw, deputy special agent in charge with the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

So, thanks guys, sounds like you really saved us from something potentially dangerous. What would we have done if those hard-working people continued to dry-wall and weld to maintain our airport?

To make matters worse, ICE refused to allow attorneys to speak with the detainees.

According to Kimberly Propeack, advocacy director for CASA de Maryland, a member of the coalition, the lawyer reached ICE's office in Fairfax City in the afternoon, after the men were detained, but was told that because they had not been fully processed, they could not be informed that he was willing to represent them.

"Our understanding is that [ICE] has been interrogating the workers without legal counsel, despite the fact that an attorney has been literally knocking on the door to get in to help them," Propeack said.

This is typical of every raid that I have heard details about in recent months. ICE is refusing legal counsel to detainees, who under the law have the right to such counsel. It is this violation of due process that is most irksome about ICE's insistence that they are "enforcing our nation's laws". Apparently, laws only apply to to the most vulnerable populations, not to government agencies and departments.