HuffPo: Is The Media (And Blogosphere) Killing Immigration Reform?

74170262DM014_Immigrant_GroThe ever-insightful Sally Kohn has a new post up at Huffpo about how the media - and the progressive blogosphere - has the power to make or break immigration reform this year. Sally makes great points about the hesitance of many to join the fight for comprehensive reform.

Immigration reform is a priority --- this year --- for our President, who prioritizes unity and shared prosperity over the lunatic rants of the fringe Right, and for millions of immigrants and their millions and millions of allies who know that as an American community, we can only move forward together. The mainstream media hasn't been skeptical about the commitment to health care reform and budget priorities and for these priorities, the blogosphere has shown its clear support. What about immigration reform? Will the media cover it, the blogosphere champion it, or both be culpable in killing it?

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