How many people have been deported, un"voluntarily", in the last ten years?

Come on, take a guess- how many people, in the last 10 years, have been deported WITHOUT being tricked, cajoled or threatened into signing a "voluntary" deportation order by ICE. 50,000?


1 million?

Try almost 2 million- Indeed 1.8 million people have been deported without signing a voluntary deportation agreement. That number is HUGE.  200 in April of last year alone. If you think that number is big- try multiplying it by 2, 3 or 5 - then you might get the actual number of all people who have been deported- including those who have been coerced into signing a "voluntary" deportation agreement.

The detention and deportation industry in the US is lucrative for the private companies that support it- just like the war. ICE is the 2nd largest enforcement agency in the country- and it has more guns than the FBI. And who is paying for it? You are- 95 dollars per day that a 1 person alone is detained.

This system has little oversight- and even less dignity. Children and families suffer in detention centers in Texas. Mothers and Fathers can spend up to 3 or even 7 years in jail fighting to prove their right to stay in the US- often with no criminal record, and posing no harm or threat to the community.

The mainstream media has done a good job of highlighting the bigger name raids across the country, including Swift- but America has turned a blind eye to the greencard holders, visa demanders, refugee seekers, and other immigrants that are currently emprisoned in its jails.

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