House Republicans Double Down on Family Separation Agenda


For Immediate Release: Wednesday, April 2, 2014Contact: Ricardo A. Ramírez,; (202) 339-9371

GOP Votes to Keep Separating Children from Parents, Yet Again – Latino Voters Won’t Forget 

WASHINGTON—Today, Republicans in the House again chose to hold in place extreme, immoral family-separation policies by voting down an amendment from Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-CA) in the Budget Committee, which would have created the economic infrastructure to support H.R. 15, the House version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In response, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, (FIRM) the nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, released the following statement on behalf of Kica Matos:

“This is Republicans going on record embracing policies that work every day to separate school children from their parents, wreaking havoc on them, their families, and their communities for the rest of their lives. With this vote, the GOP holds in place a disgraceful policy from the administration resulting in a moral crisis, and they further tarnish their legacy as the family-separation party. They only add to their political irrelevance with Latino voters, and cement their future as a small, regional, shrinking party.”