Help 1 million immigrants VOTE in November

One of the major demands of may 1 this year was to fight against the disenfranchisement of nearly a million immigrant voters. Despite quadrupling the price of citizenship in the US, USCIS has refused to clear the backlogs of individuals waiting for citizenship- some 2 to 3 years. Nearly a million immigrant voters that have done everything we've asked of them in order to become citizens will be denied the vote in Novemeber if we don't act NOW. FIRM is teaming up with partners around the country to unite and push for a clearing of the backlog in time to let these people exercise their right to vote!


Today (May 2) at 11 AM Eastern Time, representatives of FIRM will meet with Acting Director Jonathan Scharfen of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.  The meeting was first scheduled following an action of 500 grassroots leaders at USCIS organized by National People's Action and FIRM on April 14th.  At today's meeting, FIRM hopes to get real commitments from USCIS to work collaboratively to resolve these backlogs so that hundreds of thousands of citizens-in-waiting will be able to participate in the general election, which is only 6 months away.
Please take a moment to call, or ask your members to call, the Office of the Acting Director at (202) 272-1000.  The message is:
"Good morning, my name is __________ and I live in _________.  I'm calling with an important message for new Acting Director Jonathan Scharfen.  With the general election only 6 months away, now is the time to signal to the immigrant community that you will do all that you can to ensure that hundreds of thousands of citizens-in-waiting stuck in naturalization backlogs will be able to participate in our Democracy."