Heinous Republican Politics Compromise Millions of Immigrant Families

Heinous Republican Politics Compromise Millions of Immigrant Families

WASHINGTON, DC— Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement Action (FIRMA), issued the statement below in response to the crisis at the border and the immigration bills up for a vote later this week:

“Republicans have failed immigrant families repeatedly. They have failed to demand the end to the inhumane family separation at the border and they are caving on the demands of the Donald Trump, Freedom Caucus and Stephen Miller.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions created the moral and human crisis affecting millions of immigrant lives by implementing a series of policies that tear families apart. For months, Trump has attempted to use young immigrants as bargaining chips to advance his hateful and racist agenda. And for months, Congressional Republicans have failed to grow a backbone and do what is right. The bills being considered this week are a ransom note for millions of undocumented immigrants. Neither bill provides permanent protections for Dreamer, but instead they will make it easier to keep children in jails and close the door to people fleeing dangerous conditions.

These bills only compromise our values. By agreeing to this, Republicans are choosing to support divisive policies and play politics with people’s lives. With each passing day, more and more children experience the trauma of being torn away from their parents who are left wondering when they will be reunited with their little one.

No politician who would stand by while these atrocious policies play out deserves the trust of American families.”


FIRM Admin