Have you done your part to Restore Fairness to the immigration system?

ICE raid Our friends at Breakthrough have launched an important campaign to bring back due process and fairness to the U.S. immigration system: Restore Fairness.

Since the Declaration of Independence, America has striven to uphold human rights ideals like fairness and due process. However, in the aftermath of 9-11, the government often arrests people without warrants, holds them in inhumane detention conditions, and deports them without a fair trial.

Watch Restore Fairness and tell Congress to fix a broken immigration system at www.restorefairnees.org. Because when we let the government deny due process and human rights for some people, we put all of our freedoms at risk.

[youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXawr_hLu9g]

I can't stress how important this campaign is. After becoming involved in the fight for immigrant rights last year, I was appalled by the raids in Postville, Iowa and Laurel, Mississippi; the countless stories of judicial unfairness and "fast track justice" that stripped people of their rights based on skin color or immigration status. Due process must be upheld now and must continue to be upheld if any attempt at comprehensive immigration reform is to truly bring justice to the system.

Now you have a chance to help uphold due process and restore fairness:

Watch the video, tell Congress to restore fairness and then share this important action with your friends.