Harshest state anti-immigrant legislation heads to governor's desk in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's state legislature is attempting to pass THE hardest hitting anti-immigrant, anti-community laws in the country today. Yesterday, the legislature sent the bill to the Governor Brad Henry's desk. Now it is up to Governor Henry to save the state. It's easy to sit back and say "oh too bad oklahoma is so anti-immigrant, but oh well that's that." Now I'm not one to cry wolf, but, if 2006 taught us anything, anti-immigrant legislation doesn't stay put. First, Georgia passed it's omnibus anti-immigrant legislation that we thought was the WORST anti-immigrant legislation possible. THEN Colorado called a special summer session to pass a whole other suite of anti-imigrant legislation, much of it borrowed from Georgia. NOW Oklahoma is passing even STRICTER legislation.

You know folks, I'm using caplocks for a reason- while we continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level, anti-immigrant factions are trying to pass hateful HR 4437-style legislation in our own backyards.

Enough is enough! We must call on Governor Henry to end the spread of this legislation and stand up for the rights of all oklahomans. Anti-immigrant legislation doesn't fix communities, it rips them apart and it hurts the very businesses, cultures, and families that support all of our states- immigrant and non-immigrant alike.

I believe that 50 years from now, we will be judged by not simply what we made happen, but by what we stopped from happening. This is a seminal turning point for immigration in the US- it is time to fight anti-immigrant legislation at EVERY level, before we are unable to stop it in other states. 

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